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Workshops & Sessions

Perfection is Paralyzing
So many women associate success with perfection, but when it comes to business innovation and personal growth, perfection is paralyzing.  If you strive for perfection, you play it safe and limit yourself. It is okay to fail; in fact, you learn more from your losses than your wins. If women want to succeed, we have to set perfection aside and take risks that push our personal and professional limits.

  • Marianne Berry, UH Center on the Family
  • Lori Teranishi, IQ360
  • Ann Ardizzone, Alaska Airlines
  • Sherry Menor-McNamara, Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii

Moderator: Lavonne Leong, Hawaii Business magazine
Energy Management vs. Time Management
Rising demands in the workplace call for longer hours, but when 12-hour days become your norm, it’s not good for anyone. Your engagement at work declines, your relationships with loved ones are neglected, and your physical, mental and emotional health suffers. Time is not renewable, but energy is. Learning how to manage your energy, not your time, will have positive effect on your productivity and engagement at work and home.

  • Valerie Au, UHA Health Insurance
  • Ashley Lukens, Hawaii Center for Food Safety
  • Susan Murra, The Queen’s Health Systems
  • Amy Kunz, Department of Education

Moderator: Robbie Dingeman, HONOLULU magazine

Advancing with Support: Mentors, Sponsors and Partners
No one can do it alone. Whether entry-level or executive, you need a support system to help you thrive. As life and work changes, your support system must shift with it. Sometimes, you need a sponsor to advocate for you at work; another time, you need guidance from an outside mentor; and on other occasions, what you need most is a hand from your spouse. Learn what these relationships look like, how to foster them and why they are vital to your success and that of others.  

  • Cherie Andrade, Argosy University Hawaii
  • Mary Lavoie-Olson, Elite Pacific Properties
  • Michele Saito, DTRIC Insurance Group
  • Constance Lau, Hawaiian Electric Industries

Moderator: Beverly Creamer, Hawaii Business magazine

Stop Saying Sorry and Communicate Confidently
You’re in a meeting and have a suggestion, but you’re unsure how it will be received, so you play it safe with an, “I’m sorry, but…” If this is you, STOP! So many women apologize unnecessarily and it only undermines their contribution and credibility. If you’re not confident in your thoughts, why should anyone else be?  Learn how to communicate confidently – both verbally and nonverbally – and see the world of difference it makes.

  • Kalei Stern, Omidyar Group
  • Sarah Guay, ProService Hawaii
  • Keala Peters, The Queen’s Health Systems
  • Joanne Arizumi, First Hawaiian Bank

Moderator: Gina Gelber, Hawaii Business magazine

Feedback: It’s all About How You Receive It
Feedback is a critical tool for personal and professional development, but it’s not always easy to hear and often goes ignored. To make feedback more digestible, we often focus on how it’s delivered, but the true power of feedback is how it’s received. Learn how to receive and use feedback to your benefit by moving past emotional triggers and instead focusing on the valuable message.  
Workshop Facilitator: Emily Epstein, Triad Consulting Group and University of California at Berkeley School of Law


Women Entrepreneurs on the Rise
While the percentage of women at the top of major corporations has stalled for years, the number of women starting, owning and growing their own businesses is rising. One national study found that the number of women-owned businesses rose 68 percent over the past 20 years, compared to an overall growth rate of just 47 percent for all businesses.  Entrepreneurship lets women lead the way they want. Learn from successful female entrepreneurs about what it takes to launch and run your own business.

  • Marylea Conrad, Ki•ele Jewelry
  • Tiffany Tanaka, Fresh Cafe
  • Tanna Dang, The Wedding Cafe
  • Melialani James, Blue Startups

Moderator: Chenoa Farnsworth, Blue Startups